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What is Service Integration and Management (SIAM)?

As organisations grow, so too does their requirement for IT solutions – the problem is that these are often sourced from different suppliers, so the various services need to be integrated and managed effectively and efficiently.

In turn, this has led to a growing need for SIAM professionals – experienced IT managers who know how to pull together your internal and external resources, and create a comprehensive solution that provides a smooth and reliable service for all end-users.

By putting a professional in charge of your IT service management, your portfolio of multi-sourced products and services will be transformed into a powerful, single-solution service that will help with every aspect of your day-to-day business life.

Our SIAM recruitment services

Over the last decade, we’ve developed an extensive network of senior ITSM candidates and clients, including many highly skilled SIAM professionals available on either an interim or permanent hire basis.

As the demand for SIAM resource increases, so does our reputation for being the ‘go to’ agency for SIAM recruitment – this is due to our high service standards, such as:

  • Technical knowledge – we understand the crucial skills required for service integration and management roles, and how they apply to your business
  • Thorough approach – we’re claiming back traditional recruitment values, interviewing clients and candidates thoroughly to make successful matches, rather than just sending out any CV that loosely fits your needs
  • Representing your business our success relies on your satisfaction, so we take our role as your recruitment representative seriously, learning about your company values and culture and representing you positively within the SIAM space. Good hire is about more than just skills
  • Honesty and integrity – we go above and beyond to provide a transparent service and positive experience, so that we can build trust and long-term partnerships.

SIAM jobs and roles

We’ve recruited extensively for outsourcing and public sector clients, filling vacancies such as CTO, service delivery director and programme director.

The specialist IT recruitment team at ITSMF UK Connect covers a number of SIAM roles including:

  • SIAM consultant
  • SIAM programme manager
  • SIAM architect
  • SC and DV cleared specialist

Operational roles

Clients we have worked with range from global blue chips to SME clients across the UK and Europe. More than just a recruitment agency we have the knowledge and insight to help you plan and deliver against your resource requirements.

We have a thorough understanding of Service Management and it’s associated frameworks and best practice guidelines. Therefore, we understand the drivers that will make the difference between an acceptable candidate and an outstanding candidate.

By taking the time to properly communicate with you and build a clear picture of what you need we aim to reduce the time-wasting hassle of sifting through mounds of CV’s and interviewing more candidates than you really need to.

Operational roles we cover include:

  • Service delivery manager
  • Problem, incident, change and release manager
  • Service management consultant
  • Heads of service management / service delivery.

Service architects

Focusing on designing service management solutions, the service architect role can be extremely varied with the background and previous work of candidates crucial to their suitability to your role. Understanding the key differentiators that can determine whether a candidate is right for a particular role is what sets us apart.

As an expert in ITIL processes and service models, the service architect is a senior and important hire in any organisation so getting it right is paramount.

Having supplied both MSPs and end clients with service architects to suit their organisation we are well placed to source the best person for your organisation.

Service desk

Serving clients and candidates across the UK, our traditional approach and strong values enable us to find the very best service desk analysts, team leaders, managers and consultants for your company.

Service desk specialists

It’s well known that service desks suffer from a high turnover of staff. This is partly because the skills can be heavily in demand, leading to lower retention rates, and also because dealing with customers on the frontline can be a pretty stressful job. We’ve honed our methods to meet the challenges associated with this particularly difficult area of IT recruitment.

With our vast experience and knowledge in this area, and a director who personally meets and interviews all new service desk candidates, we’re best-placed to help you overcome your service desk staffing issues.

Search, select, test, recruit

When you place the responsibility of sourcing staff for your service desk vacancies in our hands, you can trust us to apply our rigorous standards to every aspect of the selection process:

  • Search – we’ll search our extensive database of service desk candidates, and actively seek out people with the specific skills you require
  • Select – with our understanding of your company culture, not just the role details, we’ll handpick a small selection of potential candidates – no wasting your time by sending over dozens of CVs
  • Test – flexibility is essential, so we’ll happily incorporate any testing or additional criteria into our recruitment approach, to make sure all candidates are genuinely capable of meeting your exact requirements
  • Recruit and Retain – our CV to placement ratios and retention levels far outweigh our competition due to thorough groundwork and broader thinking.

Service desk analyst jobs

Controversial as it may be, we believe that the majority of recruitment companies refrain from working with clients to fill Service Desk vacancies, choosing instead to focus on higher level roles with higher fee values – but not so at ITSMF UK Connect. Our specialist recruiters will find you the very best candidates for the following roles:

  • Service desk analysts
  • Service desk team leaders
  • Service desk managers
  • Service desk implementation consultants.

Enterprise architects

Working with end clients and large outsource/MSP organisations, we cover the full spectrum of enterprise architect roles and have a thorough appreciation of the varied needs that organisations have when it comes to this key function.

By placing your trust in us to source this key role we will assess candidates using our vigorous methodology and provide an honest appraisal of how we believe our shortlist will fit into your organisation and the key strengths they can bring.

Enterprise architecture goes beyond service management and looks at the entire organisation drivers including the business, processes and technology changes that will need to be adopted to execute their strategies. Our knowledge also goes beyond service management too so we can support you in making sure you find the right candidate for the role.


As businesses become ever more reliant on technology and companies of all sizes are now beginning to implement DevOps practices, our Resource Partners are highly experienced in all things DevOps.

What is DevOps?

Born of the need to improve IT service delivery, the DevOps movement emphasises communication, collaboration and integration between software developers and IT operations, and sees them as interdependent rather than as two individual teams.

In a DevOps environment, a single team is responsible for delivering new features and stability. The combination of a shared base, continuous integration and test-driven techniques expose problems earlier leading to faster resolution times as team members don’t need to wait for a different team to troubleshoot and fix the problem.

DevOps jobs and roles

The specialist IT recruitment team at ITSMF UK Connect covers a number of DevOps roles including:

  • DevOps Technical Lead
  • Senior DevOps Infrastructure
  • DevOps Engineer
  • DevOps Lead
  • DevOps Platform Manager
  • DevOps Systems Administrator.


Due to its flexible and collaborative nature Agile is readily becoming a much needed skill required by our clients. Agile requires individuals to be open to customer input and does not allow for hierarchical leadership which in this day and age is proving to be a successful way of working.

Our skilled resource partners are well versed in Agile teams, particularly project management and leadership.

Agile Jobs and roles include:

  • SCRUM master
  • Agile project manager
  • Continuous improvement manager – Lean
  • Six Sigma project manager.

Project delivery

Delivering against strict time and budget constraints is vital to the success of any company and hiring a strong project management team is the key to this. Project management is notorious in the recruitment industry as an area with an abundance of candidates, the skill is in finding the ones with the right background and experience to fit your project. Simply having a PRINCE2 badge is not enough to make a project manager. Years of experience, working in a key sector and delivering projects based around a specialist area such as transformation or implementation are all factors which must be considered in the selection process.

Project delivery jobs and roles include:

  • Project planner
  • PMO
  • Portfolio manager
  • Project and programme manager
  • Programme director.

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