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Organisation and Marketplace - Associate L&D Guide


This category focuses on the IT professional’s knowledge of their organisation, both internally in terms of structure and strategy and externally with regards to the marketplace and industries in which their organisation competes.

Value to the business

An individual who understands their business, and how technology delivers value to it and its customers, will collaborate across boundaries to achieve the right outcome for the business. An individual who comprehends the commercial ecosystem in which they operate will buy into it, and align their contribution to the business’ strategy, and champion change necessary to remain competitive.

Value to you

Getting to know what your business is there for; how it makes money, how it hangs together, where things could be better, what its customers expect etc, is a rewarding experience.  You will learn ways to add more value, you’ll learn how businesses function and you’ll meet people and build your network.

70% on the job

  • Research your organisation intranet / internet pages for information on the corporate strategy, the organisation structure and its products and services.
  • Confirm the part of the organisation you work in and its overall purpose. Identify the other parts of the organisation with which your department cooperates.
  • Identify which services your team has most influence in delivering.
  • Familiarise yourself with the measures, metrics and KPIs used to measure the successful delivery of your key services.

20% near the job

  • Attend PM and CSI Special Interest Group (SIG) events.
  • Prepare a presentation and deliver it at an internal team meeting on the role your team and its key services play in contributing to the realisation of the corporate strategy.
  • Develop a service improvement proposal to increase the contribution your team and its key services make in the realisation of corporate strategy.

10% training

  • CObIT 
  • ISO 38500
  • ISO 20000
  • Masterclass – Service Catalogue
  • Other Masterclasses

Other resources


Our learning and development guides will be evolving and growing to support members' needs in the months ahead. We are in discussions with member organisations in the training and consultancy sectors to create links to a broad range of relevant learning resources.

If you would like to recommend courses, content or other resources that support specific areas of PSMF competency, please email details to

Professional Service Management Framework

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