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PSMF Membership

What is PSMF?

While other roles and career paths are widely understood, the service management profession is not clearly defined or appreciated. Our roles require a number of skills and competencies beyond our technical capability, such as business knowledge, leadership and communication.

PSMF (Professional Service Management Framework) is a competency model which defines a professional identity for the service management industry. Whether you’re an individual practitioner or an enterprise organisation, PSMF is a way to recognise the full value of your contribution. 

PSMF membership

PSMF Membership is designed to support those using the Framework within their organisations. It gives you all the benefits of an itSMF UK Member. ADDITIONALLY it allows your organisation:

  • to join PSMF Global 
  • to take advantage of our fast-track Verified Partner status review

What is PSMF Global?

PSMF Global is our new interactive service management competency platform based on PSMF – a real time referral and credit system to capture and recognise competency across all the 42 areas of PSMF, including credits and digital badges. PSMF Global is a great way for individuals to have their broad skills recognised (communications, leadership, business and organisational) regardless of formal qualifications.


As a registered organisation on PSMF Global, you can build a network of employees, monitoring and managing their areas of competency and identifying hot spots and skills gaps. PSMF organisations can also build PSMF Global into their own HR processes, using it as a way to recognise and reward staff.

What is Verified Partner status?

Verified Partner status is a light-touch assessment of the HR/people management processes used within your organisation to develop your ITSM staff. Verified Partner organisations are centres of excellence, which provide ITSMF UK PSMF-endorsed recognition of individual practitioners’ competence and delivered skills.

Your organisation can have Verified Partner status based on a short assessment exercise. You can then validate and manage credits and digital badges for your people. Credits can also be given via other types of organisation – e.g. ITSMF Partners, ITSMF UK regional and SIG groups and events.  

There is a small charge for the Verified Partner status review, which is carried out by experienced ITSMF UK practitioners. We can offer PSMF members a very substantial discount and a place on our prestigious Early Adopter scheme. Please contact the office for details.

What does PSMF membership mean to you?

With PSMF we are moving our membership to a new level of recognition and awareness about the Service Management profession – recognising individuals’ capabilities and skills at the appropriate level.

As an individual this supports and tracks your career with recognitions and credits from peers in and beyond your organisation. You also take your membership scorecard with your throughout your career.

For organisations PSMF Membership shows a commitment to quality and professionalism for your staff and helps to build the profile and raise awareness of the contribution that service management makes to your success.

Annual membership fee

  • Individual - £165 + VAT
  • Enterprise 5 - £650 + VAT
  • Enterprise 10 - £850 + VAT
  • Enterprise 25 - £1000 + VAT
  • Enterprise 50 - £1500 + VAT
  • Academic - £1000 + VAT

To join, please click here or phone 0118 918 6500.

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