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Service Integration SIG

This special interest group focuses on a key issue for business, SIAM. The SIG works on the production of whitepapers about how SIAM can be applied as well as considering how a business cases to deliver SIAM can be created.

The key areas that the SIG is developing are:

  • To agree on a definition of Service Integration and Management (SIAM), recognizing the various forms in which SIAM appears today, which is recognized by the industry as encompassing what SIAM is about
  • To agree a common language and definitions of common terms for SIAM
  • To outline the variations of the various SIAM models, and comment on the suitability, benefits and disadvantages of each, making reference to appropriate real-life client case studies where possible
  • To build a framework which enables organisations and Service Providers to understand the various SIAM models and how these are implemented
  • To agree upon a set of common challenges and key risks in a SIAM environment, and publish content pertaining to these
  • Run a series of events for itSMF UK members to share knowledge and obtain feedback
    To ultimately collate the content produced into an industry recognized SIAM framework, publishing this content as an itSMF UK publication

The SIG produced a SIAM considerations document which was launched at ITSM16 Conference. This highlights a number of questions with answers an organisation may consider when looking to adopt SIAM. The SIG are developing additional high level 1 documents as well as other collateral, which will establish a deeper level of understanding of the SIAM framework including strategy, design, transformation and operation information. The whitepapers will be made available through the ITSMF for members and organisations to utilise.

The group is keen to expand and as a result bring together consultants, practitioners and managers who are all involved in SIAM in some capacity, to continue to develop some much needed industry guidance in this area. 


SIG Chair - Andy Turner

Contact Andy: Email, LinkedIn

Profile: Lead Service Architect at Leidos. I am passionate about delivering quality service and customer experience by defining the use best practice skills, people and tools for our customers. Vast experience in best practice service management design and implementation as well as a service provider to the public sector.

SpecialitiesService Management Best Practice across the service lifecycle, SIAM strategy planning and implementation, Public Sector delivery.


About the SIG

Following its launch in the Summer of 2015, the ITSMF UK Service Integration & Management (SIAM) Special Interest Group (SIG) have been hard at work capturing leading practices in SIAM on behalf of ITSMF UK members.

The group continues to have a broad cross section of consultants, service providers and SIAM practitioners but we would like more members, especially from a customer organisations so that we can ensure all angles for SIAM are considered fully. Our Service Providers and Consultants bring a wealth of implementation and operational experience, in relation to the varying stages of their SIAM journey.

The group has recognised there are distinct phases to SIAM – Strategy, Design, Transformation and Operate. The group does not seek to rework existing service management processes e.g. Incident, Problem etc. It is establishing how SIAM business cases are created (utilise Strategic thinking) in order to ‘Design’ and plan an organisations SIAM Model which is then delivered through ‘Transforming’ the organisation and its IT support to then ‘Operate’ within the SIAM model. We are therefore focussed on People, Process and Tools but within the SIAM context.

We come together on a fortnightly basis to share progress, and hold periodic face to face SIG meeting where review our collateral and thinking, establish the work for the next period. The meeting also includes aligning our work with other groups and identifying future open sessions and the publication of content via the ITSMF. The SIG will be meeting in early February to understand the EXIN SIAM Foundation course and how the SIG can recognise this important qualification as well as establishing how it should extend its content to align with the PSMF and integration with DevOps ways of working extending the existing planned whitepapers. Watch out for updates throughout the year.

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