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PSMF: Frequently asked questions

What is the Professional Service Management Framework (PSMF)?

PSMF, a new initiative from ITSMF UK, provides a consistent way to recognise and communicate the achievements and experiences of individuals and organisations as they demonstrate their ongoing commitment to professionalism in service management.

The Competence Framework provides a consistent approach to recognising and endorsing service management individuals and organisations based on six core competence areas:

  • Your organisation and marketplace
  • IT/technical knowledge
  • Core ITSM practice areas
  • Interpersonal/relationships
  • Self-management and leadership
  • General business and management

Who is PSMF designed for?

PSMF is for organisations that want to stand out in the Service Management industry and provide an engaging, industry recognised development programme for their employees. 

It's also for individuals who wish to show their ability to follow the industry standards and stand out for their commitment to professionalism. 

What makes it different?

PSMF is an inclusive, easy-to-adopt model allowing flexibility to support your organisation’s vision of professional service management. It offers a diverse, real-world perspective on competency and skill requirements encouraging engagement, experience sharing and life-long learning. It allows integration between a number of industry assessments, CPD schemes and other frameworks, bringing them together and allowing consistency in ITSM.

The content that has been created is deliberately generic, in order to make it clear that the competence levels and outcomes can be achieved via a number of different approaches – both in terms of training and experience. As a result, those practitioners and managers using this model can apply a number of different examples of capability and experience, to establish competence and capability across the ITSM spectrum.

How has this been created?

The requirement for this piece of work emerged primarily from the ITSMF UK Leadership Council. We also quickly realised that the key purpose from this piece of work is central to the function of what ITSMF UK is and stands for: namely, to fully and inclusively define professionalism in service management.

Work has been developed from various Leadership Council sessions, plus workshops and peer group reviews. ITSMF have also created the content on our website and engaged a number of organisations and industry practitioners in reviewing and updating the content.

We have also started working with member organisations that wish to use the model.

What are the key benefits of PSMF?


  • offers a way to help improve staff engagement, retention and productivity
  • encourages personal development and career progression
  • provides industry recognition for professionalism in service management
  • improves ITSM value recognition and professional identity within the business 
  • develops high performing service management teams and improves service quality
  • helps identify knowledge gaps in a simple and easy-to-adopt framework.

How does it work?

(1) As a free member benefit

The model is available free via our website to all ITSMF UK members. Individuals and organisations can therefore use this themselves as a reference model for competence and people development.

The PSMF can be easily integrated into an organisation's existing skills programme, allowing them to develop a clear approach to professionalism in service management, by engaging with the ITSMF community and achieving an industry recognised endorsement.

By utilising this complimentary member benefit, organisations are embarking on a lifetime journey with ITSMF UK which will lead to long-term, consistent, professional service management.

(2)  As an ITSMF UK endorsed programme

In addition to the free member service, ITSMF UK can provide short and simple assessment and endorsement programmes for organisations to demonstrate their commitment and maturity in approaching ITSM professionalism. 

This involves a short review of the current CPD and HR processes around IT and ITSM, based on the PSMF standards and requirements and against a further set of maturity criteria, including:

  • Integrated management systems, policy and process; top management commitment; leadership accountability and responsibility; controls; evidence of (process) use; and PSMF compatibility.
  • Once an organisation has been assessed and accredited, they are then able to provide PSMF-based endorsements to their own staff as part of their own CPD or development programme – the PSMF scheme is ‘light touch’ and involves minimal additional work for organisations on top of their existing programmes.
  • ITSMF also provide an ongoing assessment and endorsement to individuals who wish to track and map their progress and professional status using the PSMF model. We therefore offer a career-long opportunity for our members to map out their expectations and also to see how to achieve their goals. As the systems develop will be adding many real life ‘stories’ of how individuals have progressed and developed through their careers.

For full details of our extended PSMF service, please contact Colin Dudley.

Where next for PSMF?

The PSMF programme is still evolving, and ITSMF UK are happy to work in partnership with organisations to develop this. Our first accredited member organisation will be announced shortly — we will be delighted to engage with other forward thinking members who would also like to be part of this exciting project.

We will shortly be releasing an Endorsement Model, which allows recognition of an individual’s experience and achievements against the Competence Framework. This can also lead to ITSMF UK endorsement giving individual’s independent, industry recognition against the PSMF.

Further down the road, we will release Career Pathways, which store real world examples of career pathways, role descriptions and records of experience and achievements against the PSMF. They also includes personal testimonials from service management professionals detailing significant developmental points in their career.

All of this is backed by our dedicated support team who will ensure the on-going development of PSMF, your recognition and endorsements as well as integration with all of the other great services offered by itSMF UK and its partners.

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